Help I'm Drowning in Admin


Hi Writing Class Radio,

Andrea here. I’m so far behind with all the other stuff that goes into making this podcast, that I thought I’d stop and make things worse by complaining about it. Today I set out to send an email blast to our subscribers and listeners and holy shit, I promised I wouldn’t overwhelm you if you joined the list, but now I’ve totally underwhelmed. It’s been more than 8 weeks and episodes are flying out bi-weekly, which means the newsletter is looooong. And it means, you might have some binge listening to do. Also, we announced a Spring SALE for April on our 3-part video series, which gives you all the tips we love—how to start, finish, and everything in between—for just $40. The sale ends soon, so jump on it here. And then I noticed that our blog was 11 weeks behind. If you didn’t know, I’ve been writing a #weeklyessay, so I had to throw up some of those, which you can read HERE. And then Allison said the email looks 80s, which was not a compliment, so I’m trying to flatten its hair and take out its shoulder pads.

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