"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."
--Maya Angelou

Episode 41: The Moment I Knew Everything Was About to Change.

On this episode, we’re talking about moments. Going to a moment is a storytelling technique that requires the narrator to first remember something dramatic or important and then paint a scene. If you remember a moment from childhood or last week, or whenever, there’s probably a story there. Our job, as writers, is to discover why these moments have stayed with us.

You'll hear stories from Student Karen Collazo who goes to a moment that takes her back to another moment that she fleshes out in scenes.  DCI inmate, Luis Aracena, will read his story, American Hero. Luis is one of Allison’s students at the Dade Correctional Institution where she’s a facilitator for Exchange for Change


Photo by Rowan Moore Gerety

Luis Aracena is an inmate at the Dade Correctional Institution serving a 45 year sentence. Allison met Luis when she started teaching memoir writing this past summer as a facilitator for Exchange for Change.  To learn more about Exchange for Change and to get involved visit their website. See more of Gerety's pictures and read his feature on the DCI graduation showcase, 'The Crying, The Laughing, The Hurt,' A Talent Showcase Inside Prison Walls.