"Having to face yourself and the guild and self-punishment that comes from falling short of expectations--that's courageous."

--Noelle Hancock, My Year with Eleanor: A Memoir


EPISODE 22: Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes Feels Impossible Right Now.

Andrea Askowitz is the host of this episode. She talks about how writing a good story and understanding the results of this presidential election require a mammoth effort in understanding someone else’s point of view. Andrea speaks to Stephen Elliott, senior editor at The Rumpus. Chaplin, Allison Langer and Yaddyra Peralta write and share their stories in order to understand other people.


EPISODE 21: How To Tell Your Inappropriate Story: Live Show with Ann Randolph.

This episode is about the importance of telling stories--not fairy tales, but our real, true, personal stories; the ones we are ashamed of and want to hide from the world. Allison Langer and Andrea Askowitz reveal their reason for writing and sharing stories. The award-winning solo performer Ann Randolph reveals why she doesn't stop telling stories and how she persists despite massive success and just as massive failures. In this episode you will hear part of our live show at the Lightbox in Wynwood, FL and an interview with Ann Randolph.