This is our seventh season. This season, we plan to bring you stories we love from various publications, editors who offer insight into how to get published on their sites, stories from our class and stories our listeners submit to us. You’ll also hear stories from Andrea + Allison.


EPISODE 63: From Pitch to Publication

Today on our show we’re talking about pitching to publications, what to include in a query letter and all the homework you need to do before you pitch to an editor.

Writer Baylea Jones shares her pitch and her story. We speak with Ravishly editor Erin Khar about what it was like to receive Baylea’s pitch, as well as why she chose Baylea’s story. Erin will also discuss the basic how-to’s for submitting stories for Ravishly and elsewhere. 


EPISODE 62: The Devil’s in the Details

Details matter. Details bring the reader/listener into a world they may know nothing about. They help us trust the narrator. The more specific the details, the more universal the story. In this episode we bring you a story by Inessa Freylekhman.

inessa in class 2015

inessa in class 2015

Inessa uses details well throughout her story, but there is one specific detail that exemplifies the type of detail we’re always looking for. Listen for it. To help you get specific in your own stories, ask yourself: Like what?

Inessa’s a Feng Shui expert, speaker, spiritual counselor and author.


EPISODE 61: How to Stop Procrastinating + Write Your Story.

Welcome to procrastination. We’ll talk about that eventually.

Also on this episode, we get into the art of speaking directly to the reader from a place of experience. And we discuss how to give advice in your story, which is really hard in a story and in life.

Jenni Berrett reads her story called You Aren’t Lazy--You’re Just Terrified: On Paralysis and Perfectionism. Jenni is a columnist at Ravishly, which is an online magazine that celebrates the mess of being human. Now that’s a celebration. And it’s so relevant to all of us messy humans, especially the messy writers among us.


Episode 60: If You Want to Write About Death and Get Published, Tell the Truth.

In this episode we’re talking about writing about death. We have a story by Leslie Gray Streeter, a columnist for the Palm Beach Post who also contributes to Modern Loss, the online magazine dedicated to normalizing the way we talk about loss.

Leslie’s story is called, What I did with My Husband’s Life Insurance Money. Leslie uses humor and a conversational style when writing about the death of her husband, the same humor and voice she’d use to write about anything.

We also speak with Gabi Birkner, the editor and co-founder of Modern Loss and editor of a book with the same name. Gabi reveals her process of editing and publishing stories about death. She also speaks about working with writers who are often, not only writing about very difficult and personal topics, but also submitting stories for publication for the first time.  


Next episode available April 24, 2019