I'm a fan of writing class radio and love the banter between Andrea and Allison. When I heard Allison critique Andrea's pieces I thought she was spot on. She hates cliche and boring but loves the emotional and poignant. When I heard this I knew she was the editor for me. And she's exactly as advertised, only a little nicer than I thought she'd be. 

Ken Guidroz

Allison Langer will come to your home, workshop, office or...


…to your retreat

Get out of your comfort zone...

Uncover the life you want by writing and sharing your stories. Get rid of baggage and old wounds. It's time!

Allison will give writing tips and instruction to help you get started writing your stories. Participants/students will share the stories they write, receive feedback, and hear how to make stories stronger and more personal. You will see your relationships grow and intensify as you understand and reveal the real you. Become a better writer and a better person!

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Group prices are based on size and location of the group and the number of hours of class. Classes can run for one hour, a full day or up to three days. Group rate starts at $1000 for 60 minutes. $1500 for 2 hours. Prices do not include travel and expenses. Weekend (two-day) rates available.

Individual writing lessons and college essay coaching is available online or in person. $200/hr or $1000* for a two-month package.

*Two month package: 3 hours in person or online brainstorm + Analyses, 3 hours of editing, weekly check-in/prompts, unlimited email correspondence.

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There's no better way to understand ourselves and each other than by writing and sharing our stories. Everyone has a story. What's yours?


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