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EPISODE 59: A Time I Had and an Unpopular Opinion.

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Today on our show we bring you the winner of our fall writing contest--Jen Antill. The prompt: A Time I Had an Unpopular Opinion. This prompt reaped a story about a woman who is pregnant at 24, but doesn’t want to be. It turns out, she never wanted to be a mother.

Starting with a prompt like a time you had an unpopular opinion can lead to a story with tension, conflict, and high stakes, all of which make for a great story.

We received a bunch of great essays but this one really got to us, because Jen’s story was well-written and is about more than one unpopular opinion. We discuss Jen’s story after she reads and why we chose to share it with you.

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Jen Antill is a writer, shamanic counselor and astrologer living in the wild mountains of northern New Mexico. Jen is currently working on her first book, Self-Employed Outlaws-a guide to help others create Work based on who they are. She hopes to have it out by spring 2019!