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Words from our listeners:

Dear Writing Class Radio Family,

For the past two weeks, I’ve been obsessed with your podcast. I heard Andrea announcing it one day as I listened to Modern Love on my way to work. I immediately downloaded the app, and 5 seconds into episode 1, I was hooked!

I’ve been living in San Francisco since 2015, but I’m originally from Cuba, and like every other Cuban in this country, my life is heavily tied to Miami. The truth is that I lived there almost 14 years and hearing you guys talk about places I know, in accents I’m familiar with, brought back the nostalgia I didn’t even know I felt towards Miami. That, and the writing, off course, justifies my addiction. Today, I’m happy to share that I’m finally caught up! Nilsa’s story was unbelievably moving. I’m listening to it again. Can you please hurry up and record a new class? Hello!! There are people waiting!

Back to serious talking, I’d like to tell you that I have not only listened to your class with devotion, but also written about it on my blog for all my friends to know you exist. Your stories and craft talks have shaken me up and put an end to my writer’s block. I’m not sure if I can call myself a writer, but I’m sure I’d love to! Since I embarked in my Writing Class Radio crusade, I’ve responded -directly or indirectly- to five writing prompts and I’m considering submitting a piece for the contest. This might not seem like much, but five stories are waaaay more than zero stories, which is what I had written so far this year. What I’m trying to say is thank you for cracking the ice under my feet. Now they are wet. Hopefully soon, I’ll be swimming 😊

P.S. Are there any “tribes” in these area that you recommend me reaching out to?  I’d like to find mine, as Missy found hers.

Best from the west,


(I know! Another "creative" Cuban name. Totally my mom's fault. Call me Zaly if it makes it easier)



I am a first grade teacher at the International School of Yaounde in Cameroon. I heard an advertisement for your podcast the other day after listening to either Modern Love or Fresh Air.  Writing, and especially the teaching of writing, has always been a struggle for me.  We use Lucy Caulkins Writers Workshop model, but I don’t always have all of the materials, etc, etc.  I started listening to your podcast this weekend and I loved it.  I have been writing notes and page starters like crazy.  Then this morning, in the shower, I had the idea to try your model of giving a prompt, a time limit and then opportunities to share…just like your class, with my class of first graders. Today I said, “Write about your mom.”  And they did…and I did.  And they wrote and wrote and everyone shared and then they wrote more and then they went to music class and then they came back and wrote more.  I am happy if they write 5 sentences and today most of them wrote 5 pages.  

Last year I wrote on a sentence strip  “We all have stories to tell” to inspire us to write everyday.  I was happy to hear you say, "Everybody has a story to tell - what’s yours?”  It is written on my white board.  And I really love this and today it proved so true…”There is no better way to know each other than by writing and sharing stories.”  I referred to it several times!

I love your podcast.

Thanks for what you do. 

Wendy Perry