W O R K S H O P   L E A D E R S


NATALIE PATTERSON is a poet, teaching artist and consultant whose art empowers others.

ALLISON LANGER is a photographer, writer and podcast producer and single mother to 3 kids.

LISA RUEFF is a yoga teacher who inspires  people to connect with their purpose and passions



The Explorists have set up a three-day weekend of workshops, fireside chats, activities and community-building opportunities to help create the changes you want to see in your life.  They encourage you to get outside your comfort zone and try something new.  Through yoga, meditation, writing, poetry, creative arts, and the beauty of the outdoors, explore new possibilities to tap into your inner awesome.  Surround yourself with a group of intellectually curious people who are full of possibility and vision.  


for more information contact  CBell@TheExplorists.com or click The Explorits