Advanced Memoir Class

Sold out! Next semester begins summer 2019

8-week writing class + workshop

By invitation only. This class is recorded for the podcast.

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This 8-week workshop style class is for students who have taken writing classes (with us or with another teacher) and/or for writers who are looking for a class that provides feedback and tips to improve their work. Students may be working toward getting their non-fiction work published. If you are willing to work toward the goal of a completed piece and are willing to share your personal stories with our listeners, this class is for you. Everything written in class must be true and personal and will be considered for the podcast. 

Writing tips will be reviewed in the first class and then reinforced throughout the semester. This class does not rely on traditional lecture but instead a learn as you go style. This allows writers to maintain their own voice while learning what works in their story and discovering what will make their story stronger.

Students* signs up for two nights, where they workshop a longer piece (1200-1500 words) that they worked on at home. Thirty minutes is dedicated to helping that student with his specific needs/goals/story at that time.

Typical 3-hour class:

  • Discuss a published piece (emailed to students earlier in the week).

  • Write for 10-20 minutes (from prompt). Students* read prompt response and class offers feedback.

  • 2-3 students read longer piece they brought to class. Class gives feedback and student brings revised piece to the last class.

*Teachers will also share work with students to promote a vulnerable workshop environment.

Students have the option to sign up for 9th class. That class will contain four students from the previous 8-weeks session who would like to further workshop a piece. The class is $75 and is 3 hours. At the end of the semester, students attend a re-record class to record their final piece for possible inclusion on the podcast.