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One story chosen each month.

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No more than 1000 words

Typed double spaced

Times New Roman

In a Word document.


Start with a prompt

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List 3 things you cannot stop thinking about

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Pick one

and write for 20 minutes


Review what you wrote, eliminate needless words or tangents, fill in the details you’re missing and think about what your story is about. Think about ending in a scene that shows how the narrator has changed (or is aware may need to change).

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If you’d like line item edits or you have a longer piece you want to brainstorm, email Allison Langer for an estimate or click here for more details.


COMMONLY asked questions (tune in to the coming videos to find out)


How do I know what to cut?

Why should I bother with the edits?

What’s missing?

When is the best time to write?

Where do I send this essay to get published?


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