Everyone has a story. What's yours?

Writing Class Radio is a podcast of a writing class.  If you love stories and get inspired by hearing other people tell their stories and want to learn a little bit about how to write your own stories, then this podcast is for you.

There's no better way to understand ourselves and each other than by writing and telling our stories.

We invite you into our writing class.  We couldn't live without it!



A ndrea askowitz , teacher + producer

Andrea askowitz, teacher + producer

Andrea Askowitz created Lip Service: True Stories Out Loud, a John S. and James L. Knight Foundation Arts Challenge award-winning show. For nine years Lip Service has been playing to audiences 600 strong. Andrea's stories have appeared in The New York Times, AEON, Salon, The Rumpus and have aired on PBS and NPR. She's the author of My Miserable, Lonely, Lesbian Pregnancy and editor of Badass. She's our teacher, producer and host.  



Allison Langer is a Miami native, University of Miami MBA, photographer, writer and a single mom to three children, ages 9, 12 and 13. She is a private writing coach, teaches memoir writing in prison. Allison's stories have appeared in The Washington PostMutha MagazineScary Mommy, Ravishly, She'SAIDand 50GS Magazine. She's our teacher, producer and host.

virginia lora, PRODUCER

virginia lora, PRODUCER

Virginia Lora was born in Peru and raised in Miami. She's a bilingual radio producer with a passion for storytelling and social justice. She conducted intake interviews with kids in immigration detention, traveled all over the U.S. collecting oral histories with StoryCorps, and did community outreach for a homeless shelter. Eventually she found radio, trained at Transom, and came home to Miami.  

Ariel Henley, content strategist

Ariel Henley, content strategist

Ariel Henley is a freelance writer in Northern California. She has a BA in English and Political Science from University of Vermont and MA in Education from University of the Pacific. She has spent the last several years writing about issues related to disability, beauty, trauma, and disfigurement. Her work has appeared in outlets like The New York Times, The Atlantic, The Rumpus, and Narratively. She is currently at work on a memoir. At WCR, Ariel creates content, oversees the Writing Class Radio Instagram account, and assists with publicity and outreach.


All things Writing Class Radio...



Host Allison Langer Gets Published 

Why I decided to ignore the judgy snobs (like me) and have my babies on my own

Why I decided to ignore the judgy snobs (like me) and have my babies on my own

I teach writing in prison. During one class, things got real — even for me.

I teach writing in prison. During one class, things got real — even for me.


Host Andrea Askowitz Gets Published


Listen to our interview. We talk about writing your break-out story, teaching in prison, the importance of finding an editor/friend and having writing community.


Featured on WLRN's Topical Currents.

Andrea Askowitz describes our podcast with WLRN listeners and Allison Langer reads her story, Rejection (as told on episode 13).

Click to listen to the full hour of Topical Currents.

Allison + Andrea's interview on Memoir Writing and Finding Your Voice

88 Cups of Tea is an iTunes 'What's Hot' and 'New and Noteworthy' podcast for writers and storytellers of all kinds. The podcast is produced and hosted by Yin Chang and features conversations that will motivate the heck out of your writing aspirations.


Join Andrea's essay challenge on Medium

Write and essay a week for 52 weeks. To get inspired, read Andrea's short essays HERE.

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Planted in Miami is an iTunes “New & Noteworthy” podcast about the business owners, artists, musicians, farmers and others who are moving Miami forward through social awareness and community engagement. 

Hear how Allison and Andrea got started in writing and podcasting.


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Past Production Team


Misha Mehrel is a film editor musician, photographer, and kids soccer coach living in Miami with a cat named Xanax.

Misha Mehrel, Producer

Misha Mehrel, Producer

Diego Saldana-rojas, PRODUCER

Diego Saldana-rojas, PRODUCER


Diego Saldana-Rojas  is a bilingual multi-media journalist and independent audio producer. He graduated from the FIU School of Communications and is currently being driven crazy by two beautiful women trying to create the best podcast ever!

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