Andrea Askowitz will come to your office...

and teach your staff how to tell their stories. To put it crudely: Stories sell. To put it nicely: Stories connect. Everyone needs to be able to tell the story of their company, which is actually the story of the people behind the company.

Recently, I did two classes at the Jewish Federation Leadership Conference. This was a gathering of Jewish activists and organizers who work in nonprofits. My job was to help them tell the story of their organizations. I gave a prompt: Write about the moment you realized philanthropy mattered to you. Students wrote and then read their stories out loud. We discussed each story and I gave tips and tools on how the stories could be strengthen in further drafts, including my five style elements that work to strengthen any story. Great, great stuff came out. Always does.

Team building is an unintended consequence of writing class. Students/colleagues always feel more connected to each other once they share their stories. Studies show that workmates who understand each other and trust each other work better together. 


Class size is unlimited. 

Classes run one hour to a full day. Weeklong classes also available.

Prices are based on size and location and the number of hours per class. Hourly rate start at $500. Day rate: $3,000.*

*Prices subject to change in case we forget about this and in case of inflation.